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A Step Towards a Beautiful Tomorrow

Because the Earth has the right to live without pollution, too.

At Bambrew, we continuously innovate towards sustainability, curating a host of eco-friendly products made from bamboo, sugarcane and seaweed. All our products are 100% handmade, reusable and the perfect natural substitute for plastic. They are lightweight, durable and also fully biodegradable. Plus, they use no chemicals or pesticides in their production.

Our aim is not just to move towards a sustainable lifestyle, but also uplift local communities in the process. We advocate for responsible development, which ensures supporting locals while ensuring environmental sustainability for future generations. Our products are made by various tribes from across the country, and are 100% handmade. From harvesting to processing, we rely completely on expert local knowledge to bring the best to you.

Convenient Services

Bringing the Art to You-The Bamboo Straw

Shipping & Delivery

As professionals , we believe that buying our products should be fun, exciting and enjoyable. This service is designed to meet the needs of our buyers, and help them find the inspiration to come away with a piece they absolutely love. Shop with us today for a convenient and satisfying experience.

Packaging Factory

Our Subscription Models

At Bambrew, we know finding that perfect product at great price isn’t always easy, and is often overshadowed by the long-term commitment and significant price tag. Our subscription services make sure you come away with exactly what you want. Find out more about how this service can help you with the product you love at an absolute amazing price


We have multiple subscription models to serve all kinds of needs. Contact us to know more

"Big results require big ambitions"



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